We are a Canadian company that specializes in the production and international distribution of high quality television programming for the worldwide marketplace. Since the inception of Incendo in 2001, our company has produced compelling movies, television series as well as documentaries that have been sold throughout the world. Through the joint venture with Twentieth Century Fox International Television (Fox/Incendo), we are the leading television distribution company in Canada and we also handle theatrical distribution in Québec for Paramount Pictures. Our library holds over 50 domestically produced television series, movies and documentaries. In 2015, we are producing five new made-for-television movies, as well as the Versailles series in coproduction with CAPA Drama and Zodiak Fiction. Based in Montreal, the company also has offices in Toronto and Los Angeles.


Jean Bureau

Jean Bureau, Economist and Graduate of Harvard Business School’s/International Marketing, possesses a wide range of experience in domestic and international distribution. Prior to founding Incendo, and acting as President and CEO’ in 2001, Jean Bureau acted as Vice-President, International and Domestic Distribution, for the following leading public companies in the entertainment business: Columbia, TriStar, Twentieth Century Fox, Astral, Coscient, Motion International and TVA International. Since 2001, Jean Bureau has served as producer and executive producer of more than 50 movies, as well as drama series and documentaries all produced under the Incendo banner. Over the last 20 years, he forged unique relationships with every major broadcaster in Canada, United States, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Europe; Incendo established itself as a valued supplier of high quality programming throughout the world. Jean Bureau is also, since 2011, the Chairman of the Board of the Quebec Producer Association (“AQPM”). He is a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television (“ACCT”), of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (International Emmy’s), of the Canadian Media Production Association (“CMPA”) and of the Producers Guild of America (“PGA”).

Jean-Philippe Normandeau

Chief Operating Officer
Before joining Incendo, Mr. Normandeau served as general manager, financing and tax credits, at the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec (SODEC), where he was responsible for the business bank’s portfolio and administration of cultural tax credits. A seasoned executive, he oversaw international development activities for the Quebec television industry as well as for promoting Quebec’s tax benefits to Hollywood film studios. His achievements at SODEC also include the establishment of the Fonds Capital Culture Québec (FCCQ) and revitalization of the Quebec television industry’s collective presence with Espace Québec. Before leaving the government corporation, he served as President of the Association des agences provinciales de financement and co-chaired the national tax credits committee. A graduate of HEC Montréal in international finance and management, Mr. Normandeau worked as an economic advisor specializing in tax and budget policy with the Quebec Finance Minister’s office before joining SODEC in 2006.

Shari Segal

Business and Legal Affairs
Shari Segal is head of business and legal affairs at Incendo. Shari began her legal career at Heenan Blaikie in Montreal, where she practiced entertainment law for 12 years. She joined Incendo in 2005 and has since developed her expertise in television production, distribution and financing. Shari is a member of both the Quebec and Ontario Bar Associations.

Ian Whitehead

Head of Production and Development
A hands-on Producer and Executive Producer, Ian has produced close to 100 hours of scripted TV and is as comfortable on set as he is in the writer’s room or post house. Keen collaborator, team builder, and always story-focused, Ian has worked on award-winning episodic series, miniseries, TV movies and features of varying budgets - from large-scale green screen shoots to international co-productions. His producing work has been recognized internationally, including BAFTA, CSA, DGC and Rockie Awards nominations. He is a licensed seaplane pilot and Boston-qualified marathoner.

Gavin Reardon

International Sales and Coproductions
Gavin Reardon is an international entertainment executive with over thirty years of experience in the licensing and marketing of film and television programming. Mr. Reardon joined Incendo in 2009, and is responsible for international sales and co-production development. With a catalogue of over 50 made for television movies, television series and documentaries, Incendo’s productions can be seen around the world.

Joe Domotor

Joe is an original employee of Incendo. Joe has 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, beginning with Astral in 1990. Through this time, Joe has been exposed to all facets of the entertainment industry, from both the production and distribution ends of the business. Prior to entering the entertainment industry, Joe worked for the accounting firm Price Waterhouse. He obtained his CPA, CA designation in 1986.

Paulo Gougeon

Contracts and Production Administrator
Paulo Gougeon has been working in the television industry for the last twenty years, the last ten at Incendo, where he is involved in the fields of administration, production and distribution. Whether it is for contracts, royalty payments (ACTRA, WGA, etc.), links with different partners (bank, broadcasters, unions, studios, etc.), French dubbing supervision as well as of the deliveries to the international clients, Paulo is involved at all levels.

Cécile Morin

Theatrical Distribution
Incendo distributes all the Paramount Pictures products in Quebec and Cecile is in charge of their theatrical distribution. She has been with Incendo since its inception in 2001, bringing a special knowledge of exhibition to distribution as she understands both sides. Cecile was part of the theatrical digital revolution and is looking forward to the new technologies to come.


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In production

Actor TBD

Crashed Hopes

In Development


Coming soon


Roxanne Mckee


In Production


Crossfire is the harrowing tale of Samantha Harrison, a female warrior who returns from the front lines of Iraq to find that non of her training helps her deal with PTSD or her struggles to return to a normal life. Samantha comes home to find out she's being blamed for a friendly fire incident that killed two Americans and she becomes the target of an obsessed soldier seeking revenge for their deaths. She tries to reassemble her fragmented memories of that horrific night in order to convince everyone, including herself, that she didn't do it. Who do you turn to when you can't trust your own memories and the few people you do trust are being killed off one by one?


Alaina Huffman

Amber Alert

In Production


Detective Amber Cross is Hartford, Connecticut's go-to crisis negotiator, currently at risk of losing custody of her young son to her estranged husband. And despite a recent setback when she was blamed for the tragic end of a domestic stand-off, she's the first to get called in when Calum, a troubled and dangerous young genius, hijacks a bus load of school children and holds them ransom for a mysteriously specific amount of money. As Amber negotiates for control of the scene with the hot-headed and trigger-happy lead of the tactical team, the villain also becomes the victim when it's discovered that Calum's ailing mother's staggeringly high medical insurance claim. Amber now must try to stickhandle a safe resolution to what seems like an irresolvable conflict; saving the lives of these abducted children, even if she may not be able to retain custody of her own.


Devin Kelley

Swept Under

In Production


Meet Morgan. At first glance, she's just your average cleaning lady. She has no problem getting her hands dirty, which is a good thing considering it's not fancy houses she cleans for a living - it's gruesome crime scenes. It's at one of these scenes that Morgan discovers a key piece of evidence overlooked by the forensics team. This, and her knack for reading blood splatter, catch Nick's attention, a newbie detective working the case. The pair soon become unofficial partners on what's become a stream of related murders and the closer they get to solving the mystery the closer they get to each other. But while they succeed in getting a confession from their primary suspect, their feelings for each other risk blinding them to the truth and they find themselves dangerously close to the real killer.


George Blagden


In Production


10 x 52'

Louis XIV is twenty-eight years old. In order to rule over the nobility and to permanently impose his absolute power, he launches the construction of Versailles, like one sets a trap. Louis XIV is a young king haunted by childhood trauma, the Fronde, a rebellion of the nobility against his father Louis XIII…

Outstanding political strategist, manipulator, Machiavellian, he will “invent” Versailles in order to keep the Nobles away from Paris and under control; he is progressively transforming Versailles into a golden prison. He is also inclined to Romanesque passions, but how to live them out when one is the greatest king of the world?

The first season follows the King as he turns into the Sun King: the King of the Kings. The historical and fictional characters, ranging from the most known courtier to the most humble villager, guide us through a world of betrayal and intimate secrets, of political maneuvers and war declarations, revealing Versailles in all its glory and brutality.


Director: Jalie Lespert, Christoph Schrewe, Thomas Vincent and Daniel Roby

© 2015 Capa Drama / Zodiak Fiction / Incendo / Canal +

Created by Simon Mirren and David Wolstencroft

Written by Simon Mirren, David Wolstencroft, André Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, Andrew Bampfield et Sasha Hails.


New releases

International distribution

Theatrical distribution

Incendo is the theatrical distributor for Paramount Pictures in Quebec.  We distribute their hot new releases and biggest blockbusters in both English and French across the province.

Canadian distribution

Incendo is the largest distributor of television programming in Canada. We supply specials, movies, documentaries and primetime series to all tiers of Canadian broadcast, the Internet and mobile platforms in both English and French. Programming includes Fox productions, Incendo’s own series and made-for-TV movies, plus content from international producers. Fox/Incendo licenses both companies’ English and French language programs in Canada. Our extensive library features such producers as Twentieth Century Fox, GRB Entertainment, Content Media Corporation plc., Incendo Productions and IMG (French Canada only). Twentieth Century Fox is a subsidiary of News Corporation. News Corporation’s diversified global operations include producing and distributing motion pictures and television programming; television, satellite, cable and digital media broadcasting and transmission; newspaper, magazine and book publishing; producing and distributing promotional and advertising products and services; and developing conditional access and subscriber management systems.



Modern Family

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